School Information

What we are ?

Jain school is a brand name one can count on. It is run by Shri Jain Shiksha Society since 150 years. It stands for pioneering works.

It has set up an organization, M. D. Jain Public School, affiliated to C.B.S.E., New Delhi. M.D. Jain Public School is a group of organizations, work for the upliftment of the society. The name, itself, is enough to ensure quality. The main motive behind the institution is not to stand out alone or to portray itself as something protruding rather than, makes its produce highly stabled and dynamic in their respective fields which they choose to excel in.


  • To promote educational and social welfare of the students for becoming worthy citizen.
  • To develop leadership quality among the students.
  • To mould character, inculcate discipline and spirit of unity amongst the students.
  • To develop right mental attitude to generate a culture of participative, intimative and personalized student teacher relationship.
  • To develop a child harmoniously and holistically by emphasizing on his physical, cognitive, emotional aesthetic, social and spiritual needs and development.
  • “There is no education without moral education” keeping this motto in mind we are committed to provide them the moral education to build their high esteem & character.
  • To emerge the constructive part of the student so that they can be the pillars of nation’s construction.
  • The school is determined to motivate the student so that they can enhance their confidence and will be able to serve the country with full efforts, having motivational and quality education.
  • They would be capable of making this world a better place to live in.

Our Mission

Preparing highly motivated, dedicated and innovative minds to lead India into the real world where everybody is superior to others but nobody is inferior to a body.

Our VisION

Education can’t stop at teaching & learning in classrooms. Young professionals need opportunity to put their knowledge into practice. That’s my firm belief and there is no room for empty promises. We strive to create learning environment for students, where they unfold their potentials, closely interact with the practitioners from industry.